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For bad posture, back and lower back pain, and stiff shoulders!
Used as a seat, backrest, and more!

The slanted and firm materials improve your healthy life!
A solution to reduce your back problems

Multi-Rest Cushion

Health Mat Genki-kun TM

Helps avoid burden on you back,
Relieve fatigue in your legs or feet,
Keeps you sit as the same way you stand
The slanted and firm materials improve your health!
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Benefits Dr.Hiro
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Why to Use
How to Use
About Back


Health Mat Genki-kun helps you:

  • Reduces back pains
  • Helps you correct your posture
  • Makes your back muscles spread
  • Reduces fatigue from sitting long hours
  • Reduces stiff shoulders
  • Those with bad posture
  • Those with rounded back
  • Those with back and lower back pain
  • Those with tummy bulge
  • Those with wheel chair
  • Those working long hours sitting

Why to Use

While standing, the backbone roughly shapes like the alphabet S, and the pelvis keeps the angle suitable for standing. Due to this nature, you can't keep the ideal angle while sitting unless you intentionally try to keep the right posture for your pelvis. As a result, the pelvis gets misaligned, and it makes difficult to maintain the S-curve. You might end up with your body slouching. Figure E indicates such state. If it continues, sitting may easily lead to load twice as much weight on your back as standing.

For this reason, this cushion was developed to make the sitting posture as the same as standing without moving the backbone angle, etc. The cushion front is made to slant 3 to 6-degree, and leads to disperse the body weight evenly while sitting (Fig. D). At the same time, this angle naturally leads you to correct your posture while keeping your pelvis in the right position (Fig. F). In addition, you can use it as a backrest to fulfill the space between your back (especially sacrum) and the chair, keep holding it, and reduce the strains on your back (Fig. G & H).
The description figure at the time of use
Fig, D
At the time of intact
At the time of use
Fig. E Fig. F
At the time of intact At the time of use
Fig. G Fig. H

How to Use

1. As a Seat Cushion

  (1) If you use it on a chair, set your chair 3-5cm lower than usual.
  (2) Place the thin part at front and the zipper side back if you use as a seat.

2. As a Backrest

  Place the zipper side down.

3. Lying down on the floor with Health Mat Genki-kunTM

  Health Mat Genki-kunTM will help reduce your back pain.
  Note: Do not exceed 10 minutes in use.

Lay on the back with the Health Mat Genki-kunTM. The thinner side comes to the upper part of sacrum as shown in the picture below.
At the time of use in a floor
NOTE: The angle is very important. Follow the pictures above. Also keep in mind that you use no more than 10 minutes in this position.

4. Other ways to use it

With a car seat reclined With a car seat
You can kick back and relax.
With a car seat reclined
You can lay back with your back stabled.
Useful for long-hour driving
With a car seat
Laying on the side Laying on the back
Reduces strains on your neck
Laying on the side
Helps correct rounded back
Reduces tiredness from sleeping
Laying on the back


Size: 40 x 38 x 6 cm (16 x 15.2 x 2.4 in.)
Weight: 290 g (9.7 oz.)


  • Use as directed and do not use it for other purposes than as described.
  • Do not exceed 10 minutes if you use while lying on it.
  • Stop using it if you feel pain to your back.
  • Keep away from fire.

About Back

Why do more than a half of people have back problems?

Medical Data in relation to Burdens on the Back

The waist plays a valuable role to combine the upper and lower bodies. According to the medical data of comparing ratio for burdens on the back under various conditions, the laying on the floor gets down to 0.2 (considering the gravity of standing position as 1). It scales 1.4 when you sit in good posture and takes 1.4 times more than standing. When you sit with faulty posture, it scales up to 1.9, and takes approximately twice as much as standing and 10 times as much as in lying down.

A day of our life

Man spends his 1/3 of the day sleeping, another 1/3 standing, and the rest sitting. Judging from the data above, Man has to pay more attention for sitting in order to maintain good health.

Over the years, the number of hours spending in front of the desk has been increasing. Especially, people working with computer spend long hours sitting. It might depend on types of desk work. However, the more and longer hours you concentrate, the more muscle strains and congestions you get. In addition, if you have chronic back pain, stiff shoulders, and poor circulation, these problems becomes even more serious.

6-degree forward sloping in sitting leads to the same backbone positioned as in standing

Health Mat Genki-kunTM is a multi-rest cushion which has 6-degree anteversion itself (Fig. A), and it can be used with almost any kinds of chairs. It can be used as a car seat backrest or with wheel chairs, and as in other ways as well.

Ideally, it should be slanted 3 to 6 degrees; however, our product is 6-degree anteverted. This is because most chairs in the market are averaging 2 to 3-degree retroverted (Fig. B), and our product inclines 6 degrees so that it can keep at least more than 3 degrees of inclination (Fig. C). This forward sloping can make the sitting posture as close to standing posture, especially around the sacrum area.

Also, it can keep 6 degrees placing directly on the floor. In order to keep this angle efficiently, we have used the very flexible materials with high elasticity, and the special polyethylene foam which doesn't easily get out of shape. Also we trimmed its weight down to 290g.
6-degree forward sloping Regular chair with 2-3 degrees backward sloping
Functional description
Fig. A
Functional description
Fig. B
Functional description
Fig. C

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