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company profile

Company Name: Dr. L Address: 870-1 Taisyocho
Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi 326-0807 Japan
TEL: +81-284-40-2100 FAX: +81-284-40-2101
Founded: Sept, 1987 Registered: Oct, 1995
Capital: 10,000,000 yen President: Hiroyuki Funatogawa
Basic Principal: Medicine, drugs and supplements are not everything you need in order to maintain your health. Doctor L has been striving for research and development of health care products which can provide better quality of life. Our research is based on biomechanics in order to improve immune systems and natural healing power harmonizing the human body with the nature.
Our services include developing and producing healthcare products and medical supplementary tools, and wholesale.
Our products: Genki-kunTM, Toe Stretchers, Health Mat, Seat Back, Magic Mallet, One-Step, Trial, Pedi-chan, SlimHoho, InLips, Back-to-Back, and more

Legal Notation for Mail-Order

Seller: Dr. L
Person in charge: Hiroyuki Funatogawa
Address: 870-1 Taisyocho
Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi 326-0807
Tel: +81-284-40-2100
Fax: +81-284-40-2101
Ordering Method: email, FAX, Tel, regular mail
Products’ Name, Contents, Prices: Please see for details
Other Charges: Shipping & Handling Charges, Wire transfer fee, sales tax
Ordering time limit: N/A
Shipping date: About 2-10days domestic (It takes longer for oversea shipping.) It may take longer for new products as well.
Payment: COD (domestic only) or wire transfer
Payment Deadline: 8 days after delivery (if you choose to pay later), This is NOT applicable for orders from overseas
Return Policy: Within 10 days after delivery. Defects such as broken and stained can be exchanged for a substitute. The shipping cost for exchanging such defects is covered by us. We do not accept exchange and returned goods if once used. If you ask for exchange at your conveniences, you have to pay for the shipping.
Selling Condition: There is no local restriction in principle.
Colors, etc.: Please be aware that there might be some differences between screen display and the actual goods.
The contact of products exchange: Tel: +81-284-40-2100
Office Hours: Mondays - Fridays
10:00-12:00 13:00-17:00 JST
Privacy Policy: We keep all information, such as orders and inquiries provided by our customers, inside our company and do not provide them to a third party.

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