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For those with faulty posture, back pain and stiff shoulders
it supports you for long-hour sitting
has a refreshing feeling to your rear end

Scientifically designed super cushion for long-hour sitting

1. Helps correct your posture.

2. Disperses body weight evenly.

3. Well-Ventilated

Health Mat Genki-kun EX

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Health Mat Genki-kun EX helps you:

  • Helps reduce back pains
  • Helps you correct your posture
  • Helps make your back muscles spread
  • Helps reduce fatigue from sitting long hours
  • Helps reduce stiff shoulders
  • Those who sit for long periods of time
  • Those with faulty posture
  • Those with rounded back
  • Those with back and lower back pain
  • Those with tummy bulge
  • Those with the wheel chair
  • Those with stiff shoulders and poor circulation

How to Use

image image

1. Set the seat height 2-3 cm down
    when using on a chair.
Functional description
2. Place the thinner side in front
   and the zipper side back.
NOTE: In case of using as a backrest,
           place the zipper side down.

The Health Mat EX Genki-kunTM differs in its usage from the former Health Mat Genki-kunTM. The EX was created mainly focusing sitting and designed for long desk works and such.

*At work* *With a wheel chair*
chair wheel chair
*For driving* *For relaxation*
carsheet Legless chair


Core material: polyethylene foam
Cushioning material: low bouncing-back urethane (2 layers)
Cushioning material: 3-dimensional honeycomb structure
Cover (inside): Rayon
Cover (outside): Polyester
Size: 39 x 41 x 4.6 - 6.2 cm (15.6 x 16.4 x 1.8-2.5 in.)
Weight: 640 g (21.4 oz.)
Colors: Black, Burgundy
Made in Japan
Cross Section Diagram
Sectional view


  • Use as directed and do not use it for other purposes than as described.
  • Stop using it if you feel pain to your back.
  • Keep away from fire.

More Information

Cushion for Sitting for long hours

1. to correct the posture

2. to disperse the body weight

3. to ventilate well.

The EX was developed taking long-hour sitting seriously into consideration. Especially, the cushion was created: 1. to correct the posture, 2. to disperse the body weight, and 3. to ventilate well.

1. Corrects the posture

The original shape of Health Mat EX Genki-kunTM naturally adjusts the sitting posture as close to standing posture and reduces the burden to your back without noticing it. Correct posture makes you maintain your health and enable to sit for long hours.
Former Seat
EX (correcting the posture)

2. Disperses the body weight

This high-grade 2-layer structure with urethane makes low bouncing-back possible. and absorbs shock and vibrations well. Also, its 2-layer structure disperses the body weight evenly to your whole rear and substantially reduces the burden to your back. Furthermore, it holds your back in the stabilized position.
Former Cushioning Material
EX (Dispersion of body weight)

3. Well ventilated

The only drawback of the low bouncing-back urethane was the poor ventilation; however, this 3-dimensional honeycomb structure made this cushion possible to control heat and humidity. Thus, you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Although this high-grade 2-layer structure with low bouncing-back urethane reacts to the temperature, it gives you comfortable touch throughout the seasons. This material is used by leading car companies as well.
Former Cushion (nonporous)
EX (well-ventilated and thermal)

As results from these changes from the Health Mat Genki-kunTM, it makes long-hour sitting possible. Also, this is indeed a super cushion which makes your back stable and corrects your posture.

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