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Changing pillows and never had a chance to find the right pillow.

Pillow Morpheus

become aware of

Natural turn over can improve the balance of framework !

Twist of neck quite quite often, feel gloomy with
neck and shoulder, sleep too light, bad riser, etc.,

Suffering caused by wrong pillow those who
find more the true value of pillow Morpheus. 

Back, side, prone(tummy) whatever the sleeping posture is, Morpheus tempts smooth
and natural turn over and supports most of those postures properly and luxury. 
a member of the Society of Sleep & Environments

Experiencing to travel in pillows one to the other but still not satisfied.

While you are sleeping,
often kink your neck, sometime awakened by uncomfortable posture,

the bitterer suffered by unfit pillow those people are,
the more superb comfortable feeling with Morpheus they are.

Back, side, or tummy sleep (prone) whatever and whenever zzz,
Morpheus can peacefully support those various "zzz"

Despite of the core is separated into 4 sections, the organizer is specially designed to solve disadvantages of feeling the seam (U.S.PAT) that factor of having sloping partition only achiev the very required effectiveness in pillow and is so important for body rolling during sleep.

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suffered by pillow
what's the difference
sloping divisional function
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select size
use jig for size
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Pillow Morpheus (U.Spat) various applications


with your pillow, how suffered you were

kink in neck quite often

next morning after strenuous sports, stress at work,heavy drinking

wake up more than twice in the night.
 constantly wake up for toilet

unable to find good feeling pillow
 have been trying many different pillows....

unable to turn over naturally
 using two pillows for comfortable turn over

height differs at side sleeping
 back sleeping pillow can't cope for side sleeping?

bad riser (sleeping too light)

feeling dull at neck and back everyday morning

worrying about stoop

dried mouth, the probalbe cause of snoring

The pillow which gives you good sleeping with natural turn over.

Such exquisite nightly use the pillow is, as to affect your physical condition of the day after the sleeping posture in rigid and/or pinch situations.

More than ten times rolling your body left and right during sleeping in the night making yourself easy & comfortable as well as physiological phenomenon of circulation to avoid disrupt circulation.
Pillow Morpheus provides you good quality of sleeping and naturally holds your turn during the night.
Enjoy pleasure of sleeping with Pillow Morpheus!

― a good night's quality of sleep, only that is for genuine essence ―


What's the difference from previous pillows? Q&A

* The solution to the issues of critical importance *

At present, pillow manufacturing industry is ambitious with most of industry-academic cooperation, in developing new production of the superior functional pillow.
The one of those factors is new raw materials, however, the ultimate aim for the new pillow is to develop complete new pillow with new concept being able to support various posture of sleeping naturally.
That is Nothing else than seeking of necessity of "pillow enables people turn over freely and naturally during sleep"

Doctor L with new "PILLOW MORPHEUS" leads world to have it in product of having such earnest desires as to induce various turn over and to respond naturally to that.
We are quite confident that this could bring you an excellent quality of sleep satisfactorily.
usual) Pillows currently sold are mostly for back sleeping
*Ununderstandable why those are mainly for back sleeping. It is quite strange.
*From now on, the mainstream would be double duty of side sleeping as well as back sleeping

usual) The specialty of research on pillow comes to conclude for two pillows to achieve both back sleep and side sleep
*This pillow is capable for most of sleeping posture in one pillow and enables free and smooth turn over
*It enables Turn over just naturally.            
*It is responsible gently for most of various sleeping posture as well as supporting neck area properly.

Q : Why pillows in majority are for back sleeping up to now?  
A : In bedding industry, pillows are understood as an accessory of bedding or a part of it
     so that back sleeping posture is most likely for bed and not considering for pillow.
     In other words, "sleeping is equivalent for words of back sleeping" so as to apply for pillow.

usual) The conventional pillow does have no functions to support turn over properly.
*The sloping partition creates neither ditch nor bump on the surface but brings smooth slope, therefore,
  make turn over naturally as well as gently support neck area under any circumstances.

Q : How It protects the neck?
A : The pillow provides function of support neck area continuously while turning over.
     It comes with stable support to the neck area on no condition.
     There are secrecy in function of sloping partition (U.S.Patented) which is assisted by the shape
     of those four sections inside core and filling materials for more effective capabilities.

usual) There are pillows popular for neck kinked from sleeping.
*This pillow is capable to avoid kink at turn over while sleeping because of no occurrence of insufficient neck twists.
*The above fact is understood as to avoid those by having this pillow with smooth turn and with proper holding at side sleeping.

Q : Then, why there are a large number of such pillows existing as possibly neck kinked from sleeping.
A : It would probably be based on the concept of back sleeping on the market.
     Some of customers are not known properly how to choose good pillows who may decide to take
     one with their feeling of soft to the touch and not yet understand that any single pillow should be
     designed to be good enough for at least two pattern of sleeping.
     That is, consisting of proper support for side sleeping in a pillow which may be compulsory the most.

usual) Wake up in the morning, the pillow has moved somewhere.
*This pillow can hold you properly and naturally so that it won't move.
*The other reason why this pillow won't move is that of extra wide width and 1.5 times heavier than other
  popular pillows but in fact, you do not need to touch, pull or push it while sleeping to adapt to your sleeping
  posture. This pillow is designed to support your various sleeping posture securely.

usual)The pillows up to now are quite complicated to adjust it by filler to increase and/or decrease.
*This pillow provides four sections with tags to correspond and systematizes measuring and increase/decrease the filling materials.
*It is quite simple and easy to work for most comfortable pillow individually.
*Most of people can adjust it almost in once to fit them. - just try and find it the fact -

usual) The pillows up to now most likely and easily become losing shape .
*The structure of this pillow provides inside of the body in four separate sections, therefore,

usual) Number of pillows are not good at all seasons.
*This pillow provides 1) filling materials features in breathability 2) towel pillow case has good breathability,
  heat-retention and absorbency.
  It, therefore, provides the most comfortable sleeping throughout the year.

Q : Is the pillow capable to maintain cleanness?
A : Every part of the pillow can be washable.  

Q :does Morpheus have any questions and/or weak points?

Feeling a bit stiff?  
A : It won't be as much at back sleeping, however, some people feel stiff at the beginningfor side sleeping.
    : A bit stiff is for the reason that, when in side sleeping posture, the pillow must protect
    you from curvature the delicate cervical vertebrae and being secure enough to support
    neck area from kink also be stiff fairly enough to have stream of filler to avoid beingstuck of the head.
A : It is rare but a few people feel pain at ear area at the beginning which may disappear
     acclimate in three weeks and finally get used to.

Isn't Morpheus heavy?  
A : Approx. 1.5 time heavier from others and more, when add filling materials.

Is Morpheus big (70cm across)  
A : To allow you turn over freely and comfortably, we found in test that the width is needed.
Twin size of the bed may look too small in comparison with this pillow.


Sloping divisional function

The sloping partition of the main body with three-dimentional core sections seamlessly side by side

Each section is united to form into main body having structure of sloping partitionof the pillow.

disperse these height differences and the sections support quality of sleep.

The influence of sloping partition
:for natural turn over, capable of various posture of sleeping

Relaxation of muscles can accelerate natural correction of the spine.

Loosen muscles along the spine while sleeping, proof of relax.

Wishing you to recognize the importance of pillow's job at sleeping!


Make your own and original Morpheus  (easy to adjust it by yourself)


Choose from three (S, M, L) of thickness

Item code PSP‐60、80、100 shows height based on side sleeping
for back sleeping, factory adjusted to coincident with it.

size S:PSP-60〔tag in red〕
 ※provide 6cm height at side sleeping
   ladies regular
     - for mostly back sleeping and prefer low profile
         - for mostly back sleeping and prefer low profile

size M:PSP-80〔tag in dark brown〕
 ※provide 8cm height at side sleeping
        - for mostly side sleeping and prefer high profile
   gentlemen regular


Use jig for size

The size of pillow can be selected by measuring cross sections of shoulder joint.
And having thicker chest takes larger size so that quite simple to find the size.

How to use the original JIG

pillow Morpheus size measuring JIG 

as for the indication of size of pillow Morpheus, use the original JIG
≪ The JIG is for S and M only , finding L is from the result of measuring with M ≫

- it is just for the indication of size to choose pillow Morpheus from S, M and L.
- JIG can only be the indication for sizes.
- each size of the pillow is based on height of side sleeping.
- for back sleeping, factory adjusted to coincident with it.
- for neck arch portion can be adjusted easily whenver feel necessary.

How to use the JIG (finding right part of shoulder joint is important)
※The shoulder joints are located at armpits.

1.How to hold the JIG 2.raise elbow as shown
  then check the upper
  part of the joint
3.check joint in front at
  just outside of collarbone,
  depressed area.
4.take JIG and put point of it to
  back side of armpit then pull
  it forward to front.
5.see at three of triangle
  mark of the JIG, if fit firm
  or loose (some gaps)
6.make sure that the JIG is
  right angle and upright
  as shown

■Finding which one of S,M or L of Morpheus for you to take

using JIG-S to find S or M :check at three of mark▲ of JIG
if quite roomy 

⇒ you are size S

fit the JIG S to the joint                           
⇒ choose S or M
size S
 - prefer low profile
 - rather like hard than soft pillow
size M
 - prefer high profile
 - rather like soft than hard pillow
unfit (too small of JIG)
size M
 - try JIG M too, to find right size
using JIG-M to find M or L :check at three of mark▲ of JIG
if quite roomy
 (indicates widely from S to L )
⇒ size M
 - try JIG-S also
quite fit the JIG                             
  ⇒ choose M or L
size M
 - prefer lower profile
 - rather like hard than soft pillow
size L
 - prefer high profile
 - rather like soft than hard pillow
unfit, too tight                       
⇒ size L

Measuring JIG is just for indication to select right size of the pillow
you still can adjust the size to your most comfortable by adding or deductiing
    those filler any time and as many time as you wish.


Gift packaging




Master's voice

Ms. Keiko Sunayama (a board member of a firm)

  • As stated in leaflet, the pillow stays same place until I get up. Soft, tender and very smooth
    sloping structure holds my head and neck in that pit and stay in that position until morning.
    Good quality sleeping and proper sleeping posture may accelerate recovery from those
    suffering which can naturally be healed. The towel made pillow case, by the way, touching it
    makes me feel very nice. Thank you for the new pillow.

Mr. Ando (age of 68, the president of UNION Chemical)

  1. I can do height control/adjustment easily by myself which is very good.
    A week after from the beginning, the wool knops in section C is lower by loading. I add some
    new wool knops,then I realized my ideal pillow.
  2. Evaporating moisture from head area during sleeping, some of which are absorbed by wool
    knops and some of others are diffused by charcoal melted Polyethylene tube that breathes
    well. Those characteristics naturally bring moisture and temperature into balance which thus
    brings the excellent environment.
  3. It probably be given by sloping partition, I can make turn over smoothly and do not feel
    muscular pain any more when I wake up.
  4. This pillow stays in same place which is very good!
  5. It's like laying my head in the air with zero G while sleeping that makes me feel no pillow
    underneath which at the same time making me feel just relax. all that is proof of good pillow.

Ms. Ayako Yamamoto (an office worker age of 25)

  • This pillow gives me a good shock! I was always at side sleeping up until now but with this pillow
    I could have back sleep very comfortably. I feel like my head and neck are slipped into this pillow
    I can adjust the height myself just what I want according to my body conditions of the day whichi is just great! I can not go back to others anymore.

Ms. Saito (the owner of a restaurant age of 50)

  • I have suffered from cervical hernia for about 10 years. I think playing golf immersed causes
    of it? I am a person being intent on things and do too much. That got me into trouble one
    day in 10 years ago, suddenly I feel severe pain on my neck being unable to move then I was in
    bed for a month (convalesce at home) I can't even having meal, then I have been full of cares
    by myself for 10 years. I had been going hospital for drawing my neck once a month.
    In addition to that, having electrotherapy for terrible stiff shoulder (neck) and hip joint pain.
    The most gloomy days are in rainy season. People who experienced the same understand that
    We can not stand that in the season, wanting to evacuate to dry weather place for that period.
    Because of that pain, I often woke up several times during the night. Push and pull of the pillow
    here and there during sleeping. I obviously unable to have soundly good sleep in that 10 years.
    I have bought 10 pillows in that 10 years, trying various pillows from stone pillow to low repulsion pillow. From that experience, I gave up thinking of the pillow which can fit to me.
    Then, a friend of mine recommend the pillow Morpheus to me.
    "If by any chance,,," in my heart and "none the worse for trying" bought the Morpheus!
    "This is just great!" that the first words from me for request of my friend for my impressions.
    Now three months since I have started to use, thanks to my friend that I have no more wake up
    in the night, none of pulling neck unnecessary for electrotherapy.
    The rainy season has come this year, no pain just comfortable living.
    Surprising me with the pillow Morpheus in other points, one of which is fantastic shape of the
    pillow, especially when wake up in the morning, I found in the pillow the shape of my head and
    neck which, to me, good looking shape makes me feel secrecy of good quality of sleep.
    On the other hand, a bit disappointing is that the pillow case in too much durable material as to
    take long time to get it dry. "soundly good sleep" finally be able to understand the meaning of
    it. Today, I am full of vitality in doing my job. Also, some other friends and customers say to
    me these days that "you look having lovely skin" "losing weight, in good shape!?"
    I myself no change of weight, nothing dieting but so look to them that is great!

Mr. Iwasaki (Pharmaceutical related job, age of 44)

  • The first time I tried Morpheus, I felt waking up in the morning feeling lively.
    When with previous number of pillows, I had been feeling dull, lower back pain, indeterminate
    complaint. Those of uncomfortable feeling have gone disappeared completely now.
    My wife says that my snoring reduced and my sleeping became in good posture of which
    recognized by member of my family more than myself. When I fall into sleep, I feel like "store"
    my head gently into center recessed space in pillow that enables taking me to sound sleep.
    There are something different from those which I have never experienced with previous pillows.
    At sleeping, I feel so relieved remarkably by having pillow Morpheus which also brings me
    a peaceful mind as well as comfortable feeling to my body.

Mr. Yuichiro Yamamoto (a board member of a firm, age of 39)

  • When I first met with this pillow with difficult name "Morpheus pillow" was from close friend of
    mine. With that friend, being long time close relation since we were students and sometime
    travelling together as well. I have been "Sleep Apnea Syndrome" since school days.
    (of course I did not realize SAS) That of my friend kept in his mind that I have quite noizy
    snoring and he introduced the very good pillow for heavy snoring which is about 300 dollars and
    only looks worn-out having recessed center area (sorry for it!). Additionally, such difficult name.
    So, when he showed it to me, Does this pillow really help me out of snoring?? this is honestly
    of my first impression. Sure enough, my family said that, at first night, my snoring disappeared
    People having snoring mostly unable to realize it himself but it is disturbance for other people
    around so it makes my family (especially my wife) feel happy. Since then, a source of noize which is me, myself feel pleasure in sleeping. At present, I feel no other than just pleasure in
    having sleep and no more drowsy during the day,,,, Forgot one more thing, with other previous
    pillows, when wake up in the morning, crack bones as of my practice and since I have Morpheus
    I do not need to crack bones which because of having no stiff shoulders, neck etc.
    So, I now have days with quite comfortable, excellent conditions, therefore, appreciate with my
    family very much for producer Dr.L and my dear friend.




c Copyrights. Doctor L. 2003-2015. All rights reserved.