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For kids all around who play a lot AND sleep a lot!

For children to fully grow, they need their proper sleep.
Nelco is the perfect pillow for children as it offers support and comfort while sleeping.


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1. Nelco fully supports children as they shift in their sleep.

a. The pillow’s unique shape allows smooth movement as well as endless support.

2. A special unique pipe filling.

a. Very soft and comfortable
b. Allows the pillow to breathe at night and not heat up
c. Completely soundless.
d. Reduces bacteria and common allergens

3. Fully adjustable.

a. Adjust the amount of filling to adjust the height (additional filling is included to adjust the pillow according to the child’s growth.)

How to care for the Nelco:

The Nelco is machine washable (please use a laundry net).
Please air dry. Do not use a dryer as it may damage the delicate inner materials.

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