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Stretching tool for bunions, bunionettes, and hammer toes

Helps make the hardened muscles flexible
and reduces problems like bunions or hammer toes

Genki-kun One-Step

Wearing figure The stretch principle of the finger of a leg
Based on the principle of the stretching exercise to spread toes with hands
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How to wear
About Toe Stretching


Genki-kun One-Step helps you:

  • Helps reduce discomfort from bunions, bunionettes, or hammer toes
  • Helps make foot muscles and ankles flexible
  • Helps improve the circulation in legs and feet
  • Helps stretche Achilles' tendons
  • Helps increase foot strength
  • Those who want to strengthen feet, improve flexibility and blood circulation
  • Those who reduce discomfort from bunions, hammer toes and such
  • Those who want to prevent bunions or hammer toes, etc.
  • Athletes for foot stretching and strengthening
The wearing method

How to Wear

  1. Spread both big and little toes.
  2. Place Genki-kun One-Step from the big toe to the little toe accordingly.
  3. Push it firmly to the base of your toes.
  4. Remove Genki-kun One-Step, if you experience pain. Massage your toes thoroughly and try again.



Range from 21.5 to 25 cm,
equivalent to 2-6.5 (English women's),
34-40 (European women's),
4.5-9 (US women's, 7 US men's)


      Soft-type only.
This is made as soft as your muscles in the relaxed state.




  • Polyethylene foam with its cover layer which has special embossing finish for well ventilation and waterproof
  • Close feel to human muscles or skin


  • Do not force yourself when you feel sick or pain wearing it.
  • If you are a beginner, use Genki-kun Trial instead.
  • Do not use Genki-kun toe stretcher for other purposes other than toe stretching.
  • Keep it clean with regular washing. Do not use hot water when washing.
  • Keep away from fire.

About Toe Stretching

It is ideal for 5 toes to move and spread like 5 fingers. Genki-kunTM One-Step is very useful for those who have a bunion or hammer toe deformity without pain, but have difficulties spreading toes. The following are some stretching samples:
** Pulling only the big toe (Fig. A) Fig. A

Fig. B

Fig. C
Since this is an imbalanced stretch, the other 4 toes don't get as flexible as the big toe. And it may also cause abnormality on the little toe side. It is temporarily effective for those with a bunion; however, it should be avoided doing it for a long term considering the balance with the little toe.

** Spreading both big and little toes (Fig. B)
This will lead to the better results than Fig. A. Normally, those with a bunion end up with a bunionette (the little toe bending inwards) deformity as well, and this exercise is effective for reducing both deformities.

Stretch exercise using both hands
Genki-kunTM One-Step is created from this principle; stretch using both hands. This allows you to make the muscles between toes flexible by holding both big and little toes with your hands and then gently spreading them out.


1. Pressing Exercise
(Presses toes to the floor wearing Genki-kunTM One-Step)(Fig. D)
Fig. D

  • Helps improve the blood circulation by stimulating each toe (Fig. D)
  • Helps prevent varicose veins
  • Helps revitalize toe nails
2. Walking Exercise
  • Helps stretche the Achilles' tendon
  • Helps Make ankles flexible
Correction of walking
   Makes you walk redistributing your weight to the big toe side when wearing Genki-kunTM One-Step (which avoids you to put your weight to the little toe side). And this corrects you to put your weight into the right area for walking.

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